Nov 192012

Leslie Paul has teamed with Tango Health, Inc. to provide an informative webinar on Health Savings Accounts.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Eligibility concerns
  • Mistaken employer contributions
  • Non-forfeitability
  • Compliance issues

The webinar will be held on Thursday, December 13, 2012, at 1pm ET.

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Nov 022012

I have previously touted the benefits of small businesses using social media as a means of expanding their businesses.  I strongly believe that it is an excellent means of getting your business attention.  Yesterday, I came across this article, which primarily says that small businesses waste their time when using sites such as Facebook and Twitter to self-promote.  The argument is that too much time is spent on social media, with unknown results because the effectiveness is not tracked.

I do not believe revenue-generating work should come second to posting status updates on your business’ Facebook page.  I also think that businesses should only spend as much time and money on social media as they feel is productive for their business.

The most interesting aspect of the article, and something I agree with the author about, is the lack of LinkedIn as a significant social medium.  Granted, I believe LinkedIn is better for professional services than retail goods.  However, LinkedIn is a fabulous tool for expanding your business network, making connections, and possibly generating new work.

How much time does your business spend on social media per week?  Do you find it beneficial?  Do you use LinkedIn, or stick just to Facebook and Twitter?

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