Nov 022012

I have previously touted the benefits of small businesses using social media as a means of expanding their businesses.  I strongly believe that it is an excellent means of getting your business attention.  Yesterday, I came across this article, which primarily says that small businesses waste their time when using sites such as Facebook and Twitter to self-promote.  The argument is that too much time is spent on social media, with unknown results because the effectiveness is not tracked.

I do not believe revenue-generating work should come second to posting status updates on your business’ Facebook page.  I also think that businesses should only spend as much time and money on social media as they feel is productive for their business.

The most interesting aspect of the article, and something I agree with the author about, is the lack of LinkedIn as a significant social medium.  Granted, I believe LinkedIn is better for professional services than retail goods.  However, LinkedIn is a fabulous tool for expanding your business network, making connections, and possibly generating new work.

How much time does your business spend on social media per week?  Do you find it beneficial?  Do you use LinkedIn, or stick just to Facebook and Twitter?

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Oct 202012

We are living in a digital age.  Consumers, customers and clients are increasingly tech-savvy.  Facebook and Twitter are significant aspects of the daily life of millions of people.  And small businesses are learning to grow by successfully using social media sites to their benefit.  The article linked below discusses how setting aside time to promote your business through social media can be beneficial, and gives some ideas of how to best use social media.

More Small Businesses Dedicating Time to Social Media

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Sep 272012

Many small business owners are unsure of what the future holds for them.  There is uncertainty regarding a wide array of federal regulations that have not yet come into effect, leaving them questioning whether they should expand or hire new employees.  It is too unclear how much these regulations will cost the businesses.  The tax rates are unknown.  And the future of legislation will remain a mystery, at least until after the November election, but likely beyond.

‘Fiscal cliff’ has small businesses, entrepreneurs holding back

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Sep 132012

In the current climate of large national chains, both in retail and service industries, local small businesses are searching for ways to attract new customers and clients.  Social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and FourSquare are being used more and more as a means of networking and expanding the client base.  While the attached article shows that it does not always pay off, it is a networking tool that can be both inexpensive and not time-consuming.

Survey: 90% of small-business owners are networking online

Do you have a small business?  Are you trying to grow your customer or client base?  Try setting up a Facebook page, allowing customers to check-in.  When that shows up in news feeds, your visibility increases.  It is a quick and free method of getting your name out to your local public.

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Aug 242012

Announcing the opening of Leslie Paul Law PLLC!

Leslie Paul Law will open for business on September 15, 2012.

Practice areas focus on estate planning and small businesses.  I will also offer legal services for other transactional matters.

Contact me for an appointment or consultation using the contact form on this website.

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